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Fences are the gateway to our earthly abode. Ever wondered, how it may look if they are withered or rotten.  The quality of the wooden fences degrade every day, standing through the hot and dry summers and moist and chilly winters. But, staining the fence can be a solution, to keep your fences long-lasting, and lasts for years without rotting and withering. There is fewer places on earth which need fence staining more than America.

We provide fence stain for Kennesaw, GA and all Metro Atlanta Area.

Lets sum up the benefits of staining:

  • Prevention from rotting

Staining puts a layer on the wood and prevents moisture from entering the wood. As a result, the wood stays healthy and lasts for a long time.

  • Prevents from UV damage

UV-rays from the suns, de-colorizes the natural color of the wood as a result of which they look old and fade. These puts a negative impression about your home. The paint on the fence prevents this phenomenon and keep it as new for time.

  • Prevents from splitting

Occasionally, water gets into the wood. Upon freezing, it results in expansion of the wood and eventually splitting of the surface. Staining the wood surface will prevent the complete process

  • Strengthen Wood Grain

Staining the surface enhances the process of wood grain popping in the wood. It enhances the look of the fence and guess what, it increases your property value

  • Longevity

Perfect staining of the wood enhances the lifespan of the fence. Same Day Fence provides, deep, run-free and high quality staining which sustains your fence as it was on the first day of it's installation.

Your fence can become worn down and rotten due to time, weather, and water damage. At Same Day Fence, our staining specialists can offer you a reliable way to protect your fence and keep it looking as good as new.

Our services include solid, semi-solid, and transparent fence staining.

Same Day Fence is a specialist in staining and we have three choices of staining namely, Solid, Semi-Transparent and Transparent.

Solid staining: hides crevices, blemishes and transforms your old and withered fence to a new one.

Semi-transparent staining: increases the look and shine of the fence with subtle shades and preserves the natural curves and grains at the same time.

Transparent staining: is a unique painting, which add all the benefits of staining to the fence while preserving the natural grains and textures of the wood.

Please visit our fence stain supply to See The Available Colors - BHER

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