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The most common type of raw material which is used for subdividing the backyard fencing is either Pressure Treated or Cedar wood. It needs to be chosen after a real research while focusing on aspects like price and quality. People usually purchase this type of material with the dimensional boards of 6"x1". After serving the Metro Atlanta, our company has come up with some great stable yet secured fences. These walls are specially designed for commercial and residential areas. Many people also use it for the decorative purpose. In case, you need any changes in such fences for your area; you can contact us as we can customize the same with the help of specialized machinery designed for it. You can also check out some great patterns offenses with the curvy design at the top that can be ideal for decoration. While purchasing wood fence, look for the waterproofing ones as you can never predict how the climate in next hour will be. Our ultimate goal is to provide the customer with the satisfaction of the purchases they make from us. That is why we believe in sharing all sorts of details associated with fences. Here is basic knowledge about the types of barriers that has been shared for better understanding.​​ 

We as well as offer our fence painting/staining services in Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Click Here​ for more details.


Straight Fence

Straight Privacy Fence are specially designed to keep some privacy from the ...

Arched Fence

This is other most common types of fencing which give more of a traditional look...

Scalloped Fence

Such type offenses are designed to meet the modern lifestyle. As compa..

Capped Fence

If more than being functional, you need a wall that can add a décor to the area...

ShadowBox Fence​​​​​​​

ShadowBox Fence are specially designed to keep some privacy from the...

Rail Fence

You will find this type offense mostly in a rural area. It is used for protect.

Lattice Fence

Individuals who love classy yet the appealing concept offense...

Split Rail Fence

Split Rail is suitable for the garden or outdoor area as it adds...

Picket Fence

If you prefer more of a decorative fence than a privacy provider...