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How Wooden Fences Add Value to Your Home

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If you live in a neighborhood where all the houses look the same, you’re most likely hoping that your house sells for as much as your neighbor’s house. But when there is a significant difference in the pricing and demand, you can be left scratching your head in confusion.

Why did your neighbor’s house sell for more than the others? Did they do something different? The answer to that is, yes.

It’s not the renovations they made to their house; or the changes they’ve made to their garden. It is, in fact, the investment they made into their wooden fence.

How Does a Wooden Fence Add Value?

This depends on the size, shape and height of your fence. The way your fence has been maintained also makes a huge difference.

If your wooden fence is stained, rotting and chipped—instead of adding value to your house—it will decrease it. Instead of looking like a dream house, it will look like something out of a horror movie!

A wooden fence that has been built using high quality materials and excellent fencing can add elegance to a home. If the materials used during the fence installation Kennesaw GA are of good quality, maintaining the fence will be easier as well.

Therefore, investing in the best wooden fences is what will make your house look luxurious and inviting! A good fence company Woodstock will be able to provide you with the best resources. Do not opt for an unknown company that does not have certification.

maintaining your wooden fence

The Importance of Maintaining Your Wooden Fence

Due to weather conditions, wooden fences are high-maintenance. Unlike aluminum fences, they can easily rot and chip. Therefore, if you have a wooden fence, make sure that you maintain it.

Heavy rain and snow can cause the wood to become wet. When moisture is absorbed, it encourages the growth of fungi and mold. This not only releases a foul odor, it also stains the fence and results in a grotesque shade. Furthermore, heavy snow fall can add weight, which can break or twist the fence.

Shovel snow away on the first day, before it becomes an issue. You can also use a protective coating. This will slow down the process of bacteria eating away at the material.

Due to different sizes, shapes and designs of wooden fences, it is better to consult an expert who will be able to guide you on which one would suit your home.

At Same Day Fence, we provide you with workers’ warranty as well. Contact us today for booking an appointment.