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Residential and commercial fences are a great addition to a property since they keep areas private, and people out. There are many different types of fences that can be installed by a fence contractor, like Same Day Fence. Having a fence installation completed by a professional fence company has many benefits, and ensures that the work is done right. A fence company also works with you to make sure that your fence meets code and neighborhood requirements, your budget, and your standards.

Benefits of Adding a Fence

Adding a fence to your property has many benefits. Here are some of the benefits that a fence offers.

Return on the Investment

Having a fence company install a fence increase your home’s curb appeal and aesthetics. Since there are so many options and colors of fences offered by Same Day Fence, there is a fence to match your home. This can increase the value of your home and makes the home easier to sell in the future. Depending on your insurance, having fence installation done by a professional fence company can lower your rates, as thieves will have a harder time getting on to your property.

For commercial properties, a fence helps keep your inventory safe. The type of fence that you choose will affect the likelihood if thieves can climb it or not.


Security is one of the main reasons that people install fences. Different types of fences that are available offer different levels of security for your home. To find the type of fencing that will work best for your home; you should speak with a fence contractor. This will give you a better idea of the options you have for fencing in your area.


While we wish that our children and pets are safe in our yards, the truth is that they are at risk anytime they are outside. Fences keep children and pets in the yard, away from traffic and predators. Having a fence installed is also not just about trying to keep people who live or work at the property safe. Swimming pools play equipment, and commercial work sites can be dangerous to people, children, and animals that walk into these areas. A fence makes it much harder for people, and animals to end up where they should not be, or for them to get hurt.

Types of Fences

Once you have decided that your property needs a fence, you need to decide on what style and type of fence that you want. Same Day Fence is a fence company that works with you to find the right style and type of fencing for your property. Here are some of the styles of fences that we offer.

The Tough Fence

Tough fences are mostly used by commercial properties because they are stronger and normally made of metal. They are meant to keep people out of an area. These fences are normally metal or chain link, as these materials are more durable. Many times, residential properties use metal and chain link fences to keep animals like dogs and farm animals on their property.

The Welcoming Fence

Welcoming fences are mostly used for residential properties, as they are decorative most of the time.  They can be made from wood, vinyl or PVC. Vinyl and PVC fences no longer look like they are made from plastic, which makes them a popular option since they need little to no work after being installed. There are some decorative metal fences that are also used for houses. There are many options of unique styles and colors of these styles of fences.

Hybrid Fences

If you are looking to keep your property safe and private, while not scaring people, a hybrid fence is a great option. This type of fence could be taller or made from a solid metal that looks nice from both sides. These fences can also be designed to be hard to climb or break. The material that is used to create the fence will depend on how you want the fence to look, and how strong you want the fence to be.

There are many reasons to add a fence to your property, no matter if it is zoned residential or commercial. Fences come in many different styles, colors, and materials. Having a fence installed by a professional fence company ensures that your fence is installed to code, and to your standards. This means that your fence will be in place for years while protecting your property from animals and people. Picking the right fence can be a challenge, as there are so many options to pick from.  If you need any information about the fences and fence installation, feel free to contact Same Day Fence to find out more.